Sharing our Return to Office Guide

By: Kathryn Tremblay, Co-Founder and CEO Altis Recruitment, an affiliate of excelHR

On our Mind

Here’s the offer: I’m sharing our company’s Return to Office Guide to help you determine the most sensible communication for your organization. Hopefully this helps answer any questions your employees have about the return onsite as well.

To request a copy, please email with the subject line: “Return to Office Guide Request”. We invite you to use any or all parts of it!

So what is Altis.Excel doing? After careful evaluation, we decided on a remote first model. We’ll operate with the choice and freedom to be onsite when and if the employee wants. Over the past 18 months of being fully remote, we found our team to be highly productive and engaged. In fact, my trust in WFH went from ‘not sure’ to ‘all in’. I’m now a proponent of working from the place that is perfect for you. I could not have imagined being here—mentally and physically—a mere 18 months ago.

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