Official Employer Partner of the Canadian Centre for Diversity & Inclusion (CCDI)

We’re thrilled to highlight our partnership with CCDI, an organization that helps companies champion inclusion and eliminate prejudice and discrimination. Like CCDI’s corporate mission, we’re striving to increase awareness amongst our HR community so that people recognize diversity as an asset that will help their businesses flourish.

What interested us most about joining CCDI were the incredible opportunities for education and development that they provide to their members. In 2021 alone, we can attend over 35 webinars on key topics such as Inclusive Leadership, Linguistic Diversity in the Canadian Workplace and How to Address Ageism at Work.

Note that individuals can register for CCDI webinars whether they’re a member or not (pay per session). Join us in CCDI’s class called Busting the myth – Reverse racism where we’ll explore addressing the fear of reverse discrimination and how we can work to deconstruct the myths that perpetuate it.

One of the first steps in our DEI journey is increasing our own knowledge and understanding of key concepts. Being an Employer Partner gives us access to CCDI’s Knowledge Repository, containing over 1000 D&I reports and articles. Two articles that have already stood out to us are the Diversity Policy Kit and the Employee Resource Group Guide, as we’re interested in further developing both of these in the future.

To ensure we’re maximizing our membership, we’ve designated two of our team members to consistently review the CCDI site and share key events and articles within our company. If you’re interested in a particular DEI topic, we can explore the available content related to it and let you know what we learn.

CCDI’s annual “UnConference” is being held on April 28th and 29th and we’ll be sending 6 of our DEI Committee Members to attend and then present their major takeaways. This year’s theme is “Unpacking Cultural Competence” which is relevant to us since we’re looking to build this competency in our workforce over the next year. We’ll share our learnings here, be sure to check back!

When speaking with our CCDI contact Nyla Camilla Guerrera (Director, Partner Relations), she emphasized that what differentiates their organization is the fact that they don’t focus on a specific demographic, but on the broad spectrum of diversity. CCDI strives to celebrate the vast range of groups and the intersectionality between them.

We’re excited to begin our relationship with the organization and to share with our HR Community along the way.

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