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We started the Newcomer Program back in 2017 as a way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Since then, we have completely revamped the program and are delighted to welcome our next group of Newcomers on March 9th of this year. Our goals are to provide working opportunities to Newcomers to Canada. There are many barriers that skilled immigrants have to overcome to work in Canada and we want to be able to help them take down those obstacles. We recognize the value that new Canadians add to our communities and the Organizations they work in.

At Altis, we place about 8,500 candidates per year. We noticed the gap that exists in hiring new Canadians and we wanted to use our position to make tangible changes in hiring processes. We meet skilled new immigrants every day, and know firsthand that if given the opportunity, these candidates would thrive and so would the companies that employ them.

We are extremely committed to this program and excited about growing it year after year. Of course, our long-term goal is that one day in the near future, employers will understand that Canadian experience doesn’t necessarily mean “better” experience. In the meantime, we will continue trying to provide opportunities to gain Canadian experience at Altis.


Meet our team:

Tharie Ouellette –  As a controller, Tharie manages our firm’s accounting department and oversees our financial reporting, analysis, payroll, risk and cost management. She credits her success to witnessing her dad’s strong work ethics and family’s personal experience. Having been born in a refugee camp and immigrating to Canada, Tharie is passionate about the Newcomer Program. She has experienced first-hand the struggles and opportunities of starting life in a new country. Recalling her father’s first experiences looking for work in Canada, she wishes this program existed 35 years ago.

Gabriela Pineda  – Gabriela is an IT Recruitment Partner with ExcelITR and has been part of the team since 2019. Gabriela has recently joined the Newcomer Program to pursue her passion of helping others find meaningful work. As a first generation Canadian, Gabriela has found inspiration in her parents’ journey of finding employment in Canada and has a mission to support new Canadians on their path. Being part of the Newcomer Program has brought meaning into her day to day work and personal life.

Kathryn Passalent – Kathryn has been a recruiter in the Altis IT division for almost two years and has always had a passion for Diversity & Inclusion. In her eyes, having opportunities to get involved and make a difference is an important part of what makes Altis/Excel such a great place to work. Being a part of the Newcomer Program means so much to Kathryn because it allows her to connect with talented individuals who have come from all over the world and support them in this next stage in their lives. Kathryn believes the program is about appreciating and valuing all that the Newcomers have to offer and empowering them in their careers.

Katherine Soler –  Katherine is an Account Manager in the Temp Bay Street team and specializes in staffing for the Non-profit sector. She moved to Canada from Bogota, Colombia with her parents in 2002. She remembers the struggler her parents faced in joining the Canadian workforce. Things have come a long way since then, but there is still much work left to do. She is passionate about helping immigrants and knows first-hand how important they are to making Canada such a great country to live in.

Aastha Sood – Aastha is passionate about new immigrants and can relate to their experience. She herself was a new immigrant in 2016 and now works with close friends and family members to help them settle into their new life in Canada. She is excited to help new immigrants kick off their career and succeed in both their personal and professional life. Aastha brings in great insight to our Newcomer Program by deriving ideas from her own personal experience.

Paige Arding –  Paige has recently joined Altis as a Talent Associate in the All-in Mindset Program. Diving deep into projects focused on marketing, business development, diversity, and engagement, she strives to bring creativity to each element and focus she works on. Paige is actively involved with our company’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, and aims to bring connections to the Newcomer Program. Being a part of the Newcomer Team excites her because of her passion for culture and travel. Having always had a love for unique experiences that come with cultural diversity, perspectives, and skills, she wanted to work with unique candidates that are part of a diverse group. She knows the value that support can offer to someone, and she is ready to help be that support system for new Canadians.

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