How do I get a Security Clearance?

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Companies registered in the Contract Security Program can sponsor you to apply for a clearance. You can’t apply on your own; you must be sponsored.

Once you have been identified as a good candidate for a position that requires a clearance, the sponsor-company will provide you with an on-line link to a security clearance application for you to complete.

The amount of personal information you need to provide for this application will depend on the level of clearance – as a minimum, you will be asked to provide your legal name, date of birth, and address.

Your security clearance application will be processed by Public Works with the support of the RCMP.

Do I need fingerprints?
Yes, in order to begin a new security clearance application, electronic fingerprints are required.  The company sponsoring you to apply for your security clearance will provide you with instructions on how to have the fingerprinting done.

Can anyone get a security clearance?
To apply for Reliability security clearance, you must have lived in Canada for the past 5 years, or 10 if you are applying for a higher level. You must also be eligible to work in Canada.

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