Helpful Resources in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

These days, with growing interest in diversity, equity and inclusion, people are looking to educate themselves, get involved and become allies. Last year, according to Google trends, some of Canadians’ top searches were related to diversity, equity and inclusion. For example, we searched for Blackout Tuesday, Black Lives Matter, Systemic Racism, BIPOC and “What is Juneteenth?”

Throughout our DEI journey at Altis.Excel, we’ve sought guidance from experts in the field and have also turned to a range of recommended reads and resources to educate ourselves and our families about systemic racism and the barriers to opportunity faced by so many in our society.

If you’re looking to put together a DEI resource guide for your organization—books, films, podcasts and more, covering topics about race and inclusivity in general—we’ve gathered a range of suggestions from DEI experts, the Altis.Excel DEI committee and well-known online sources.

Note: We acknowledge that there are many viewpoints in the field of DEI. This list is by no means definitive; rather, it’s a compendium of some of the resources we’ve found helpful on our journey.

Thinking of buying a book? Support Black- and Indigenous-Owned Bookstores
If you’d like to purchase any of the books listed in our guide, here are some Black- and Indigenous-owned bookstores in Canada and the US to consider (many of them offer curbside pickup and online shopping). And to #shoplocal, here is a list of independent bookstores in communities across Canada.

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