An Employers Guide to a Flexible Workforce

We’ll admit, it took our company a while to come around to the notion of “work from home”. We assumed that on-site work would far surpass remote options and a dispersed workforce.

Okay, we were wrong.

We now have 40% of our team working remotely at least one day per week – and it’s actually increased our recruitment productivity.  In fact, 65% of our employees do more off site than on-site. In our experience thus far, we’ve come to see the benefits of employee customization. Our voluntary turnover rate has decreased 8%.

While you likely have a terrific grasp on the ideas and practicalities of a flexible work force, we’ve offered a summary of legal considerations of a remote workforce to help our clients in HR and management. We’ve included technology possibilities to explore. And, we’ve collected best practices for employers and employees (click on the link below).

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