CEO Corner: Why are soft skills important?

Out of a sea of talented candidates, what makes an employer choose one?

Of course, the employers we work with all look for certain hard skills (also known as technical skills) like demonstrated experience in data analysis, software development, human resources and more, depending on the role.

But in my experience, you know what gets our candidates hired and promoted? It’s not actually what’s hard, but rather what’s soft. I’m talking about soft skills, increasingly called “human skills” – things like problem-solving, adaptability and the ability to communicate ideas.

Here’s why I see soft skills as a key part of getting hired and promoted:

Kathryn Tremblay

Kathryn Tremblay

Kathryn co-founded Altis Recruitment with a dream to connect people with meaningful work. She talks about HR trends, hiring best practices, and how to bring humanity to leadership.

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