CEO Corner: Kathryn’s tips for hiring and retaining talent when you can’t pay more

We’re hearing from many of our client-employers that they are frustrated by the restrictions they have around compensation. They want to offer higher wages but they simply can’t due to strict salary budgets, their sector shrinking, or agreements in place that restrict their actions. It’s frustrating.

And they know that it’s an employee’s market. According to a recent survey by Eckler, in 2023, Canadian employers are projecting the highest salary increase in two decades, at an average of 4.2%. 

So what can they do? Watch the video below for Kathryn’s tips.

Kathryn Tremblay

Kathryn Tremblay

Kathryn co-founded Altis Recruitment with a dream to connect people with meaningful work. She talks about HR trends, hiring best practices, and how to bring humanity to leadership.

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