CEO Corner: Kathryn’s Tips for Building a Career in Human Resources

It’s the classic chicken-and-egg conundrum: You want to build a career in HR, but you can’t get that first job without experience in the field. How can you get your foot in the door?

It’s a question I’ve been asked a lot lately, and it’s no wonder. Consider the huge workplace changes we’ve seen over the past few years– new work models (i.e., remote-first, work-from-anywhere, hybrid, 4-day work week, etc.), new hiring, onboarding and retention strategies, new workplace initiatives in DEI, wellness and engagement, and the countless new work-related trends (i.e., Great Resignation, Great Reshuffle, Great Exhaustion, Quiet Quitting, etc.).

Try these tips to get started:

Kathryn Tremblay

Kathryn Tremblay

Kathryn co-founded Altis Recruitment with a dream to connect people with meaningful work. She talks about HR trends, hiring best practices, and how to bring humanity to leadership.

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