Newcomer Apprenticeship Program

If you’re new to Canada, eager to land your first job here, and you haven’t yet had the opportunity to gain work experience in Canada, our goal is to help you gain paid experience with our firm that will open the doors to more opportunities.

The Newcomer Apprenticeship is an 8-10-week paid program that provides you with professional development, networking opportunities, job search support, and hands-on work experience within the Altis team, in support of you finding meaningful work.

Welcoming Newcomers to Canada

We originally created the Newcomer Program in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary. It was our way of honoring our co-founder Toni Guimaraes while recognizing the unique – and often difficult – journey that new Canadians take to find employment here.

Today at Altis, we place more than 8,000 candidates per year and yet we are still seeing a noticeable gap between the number of highly skilled immigrants that interview versus how many are hired. We recognized an opportunity to act and decided to use our position as a staffing firm to do more.

Since the program’s inception in November 2020, we’ve continued to refine and adjust it to provide even more value to each new cohort. We’re extremely committed to this program and excited to continue growing it. Our long-term goal is to highlight to employers that Canadian experience doesn’t necessarily mean “better” experience.

How to Apply

Ideal Candidates

Haven’t yet had the opportunity to gain work experience in Canada
Currently reside in Canada and are legally able to work in Canada
Are passionate about building a career in Canada Project positivity and are open to coaching and feedback
Hold international experience in either: Human Resources, Accounting, Market, Business Development & Sales, IT or Proposals & Administration

Meet our Newcomer Graduates

“I have a lot (22 years!) to say about my job, but I will sum it up with the first words that come to mind. Collaboration: everyone is dedicated to a shared vision. Work-life integration: I have a great degree of control and freedom, and since I work hard to maintain that level of trust, I am always engaged and excited. Variety: the work is always evolving. And, Challenge: we challenge ourselves and each other as a team to keep raising the bar.”


Branka Jankovic
Senior Account Executive

Team member since 1998


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