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Land a Job, Build a Career

As Canada’s leading, independent staffing firm, we have more than 30 years’ experience building meaningful careers. And we’d love to help build yours, too.

We’re proud to see so many of our team members stay for five years or more, gaining new experience, taking on new responsibilities, advancing on their career paths… and always learning.

From courses and conferences to team huddles and stretch assignments, we’ll provide you with rich opportunities for growth at every step of your career, leveraging the best of your abilities while helping you discover new skills you might not know you have.

Join us today to grow alongside talented account managers, recruiters, proposal writers and leaders, all working together to help our company—and each other—achieve more.

Some of the many benefits of joining Altis Recruitment include:

  • Tailored 3-week training program and e-learning platform

  • Competitive salary and uncapped commission

  • Work anniversary celebrations and recognition of personal achievements

  • Comprehensive benefits plan and access to EFAP

  • Competitive vacation & wellness packages

  • Happy Days, Health & Wellness Days, Free Religious Days and Flex Hours

  • Flexible work-from-home options

  • Paid Maternity & Parental Leave Top Up Benefit

  • Experienced and thoughtful leadership team that is committed to your success

  • Defined pathways for career progression and advancement

  • Annual rewards and recognition program

Why we Love Working Here

“I have a lot (22 years!) to say about my job, but I will sum it up with the first words that come to mind. Collaboration: everyone is dedicated to a shared vision. Work-life integration: I have a great degree of control and freedom, and since I work hard to maintain that level of trust, I am always engaged and excited. Variety: the work is always evolving. And, Challenge: we challenge ourselves and each other as a team to keep raising the bar.”


Branka Jankovic
Senior Account Executive

Team member since 1998

“This is a team-first culture. My leader and team are awesome. They believe in me and have my back. This is what gets me up every day and makes me want to work even harder to drive results. Everyone is kind, down to earth and always supportive.”


Walter Sima
Managing Director, IT Services

Team member since 2020

Leaders at Altis

There are always opportunities for growth at Altis. And at every step, one of our skilled leaders will be there to guide and support you. We invest in our leaders, providing continuous learning and development opportunities, so they, in turn, can help develop those who will lead next. A virtuous circle of leadership.

Regardless of their level, role or team, all of our leaders share the following traits:

Driven to help others succeed
Strong commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Champions of our guiding principles and culture
Flexible, able to lead in person and remotely
Empathetic, they promote good mental health on their teams
Passionate coaches, leading teams to growth opportunities
Visionaries—they think big and take action

Your Career Is Worth Celebrating

Talent Associate Program

All-In-Mindset Apprenticeship Program

How can you chart your career if you’re not familiar with the paths you can take? We can help.

The Altis All-In Mindset is a hands-on apprenticeship that helps you build a meaningful career. This full-time, salaried opportunity, gives you a 360-degree perspective on our company, offering a glimpse into multiple departments and specialty teams.

First, we’ll tailor a customized learning path for you based on your primary interests. Then, we’ll help you build upon your knowledge from one placement to the next, providing one-on-one coaching to explore your leadership potential, while further developing your communication style, emotional intelligence, and business acumen.

While the program length depends on your progression and focus, we’ll integrate you directly into our team starting on day 1.

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Successful Account Managers wear two hats—sales and service—and deliver on targets for both.  You’ll love this role if you: 
  • Are a people person
  • Like communicating value to clients
  • Enjoy nurturing professional relationships, assessing client staffing requirements and supporting clients by identifying top talent to join their teams
Qualities you bring: 
  • Competitive spirit
  • A way with words
  • Relationship-building skills
  • Results and solutions oriented
  • Solid judgment
  • Consultative sales
Successful Recruiters are expert connectors, able to build extensive networks of qualified candidates and connect them with top job opportunities.  You’ll love this role if you: 
  • Are keen to build and grow networks of qualified candidates
  • Are able to use robust database search tools
  • Like interviewing candidates and accurately assessing strengths & skills
Qualities you bring:
  • Competitive spirit
  • Strong at talent assessment
  • Relationship-building skills
  • Strong perseverance
  • Results and solutions oriented
  • Strategic thinker
Successful Business Development Executives are innovative thinkers, always scouting for new opportunities to help our clients succeed while growing our revenue and boosting our brand.  You’ll love this role if you: 
  • Are keen to assess our clients’ roles and requirements, and then tailor persuasive, compelling narratives describing how we can add value
  • Enjoy a good challenge and don’t get discouraged by rejections 
  • Thrive in a sales-driven role that is focused on impactful activity and results
Qualities you bring: 
  • Strong prospecting abilities
  • Perseverance and resilience 
  • Competitive spirit
  • Goal oriented
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Expert communicator, highly skilled at delivering compelling messages on the phone, in person and in writing
Successful Proposal Managers are strategic thinkers with a flair for writing.  You’ll love this role if you: 
  • Like developing persuasive narratives in response to Corporate Requests for Proposals
  • Are good at assessing complex requirements and writing effective responses clearly demonstrating our value
  • Enjoy a bit of strategic detective work, investigating all avenues to gain a full understanding of the ask 
Qualities you bring: 
  • Excellent writing ability; clear, compelling, and persuasive
  • Critical thinker, able to synthesize complex information succinctly
  • Resourcefulness
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management
  • Skilled at developing charts and workflow diagrams
Successful Marketing & Communications team members are compelling storytellers with a mind for business.  You’ll love this role if you: 
  • Have a passion for brand strategy, sales growth, and customer experience
  • Love flexing your writing muscles to create new, interesting content that aligns with the organization’s overall objectives
  • Enjoy coming up with creative ways to elevate our brand through compelling content
Qualities you bring: 
  • Excellent written and verbal communications ability; creative flair
  • Multi-tasker with excellent time management skills
  • Thrive in fast-paced environments
  • Team player
Possible areas of focus include:  Brand strategy, social media/community engagement, graphic design, internal communications, client engagement, sales incentive programs.

Successful members of our Tech team are true tech enthusiasts, keen to maintain and apply their knowledge to keep our data safe and business growing.  You’ll love this role if you: 
  • Are passionate about IT and keeping your skills current in this fast-moving field
  • Are driven to maintain the security, stability, reliability, and readiness of our IT operations, while ensuring our setup is effective and current
  • Enjoy an environment where your input and ideas are valued and used
Qualities you bring: 
  • Superb technical skills
  • Customer oriented mindset
  • Problem-solving abilities 
  • Team player
Successful First Impressions & Operations staff members are unflappable multi-taskers with a keen eye for detail.  You’ll love this work if you: 
  • Like dotting I’s and crossing T’s
  • Are highly organized, process-driven and detail-oriented
  • Are keen to welcome visitors and field phone queries (receptionist)
  • Enjoy organizing complex, multi-faceted agendas/initiatives (travel/event coordination)
Qualities you bring: 
  • Attention to detail
  • Good people skills (receptionist)
  • Multi-tasker
  • Team player
  • Problem-solver
  • Project management skills
Possible areas of focus include:  Receptionist duties, data entry, general office support, security clearances, travel / event coordination, expenses / daily deposits, auditing.

Successful Accounting & Finance team members are numbers people with a keen eye for detail.  You’ll love this work if you: 
  • Enjoy making numbers add up—and reconciling them when they don’t
  • Are highly organized, process-driven and detail-oriented
  • Are deadline driven and enjoy multitasking
  • Are pleasantly persistent—you don’t take no for an answer (collections management)
  • Have a mind for numbers (expenses and auditing positions)
Qualities you bring: 
  • Analytical thinker
  • Highly skilled with numbers
  • Attention to detail
  • Multi-tasker
  • Problem-solver
  • Project management skills
Possible areas of focus include:  Accounting, payroll, benefits, financial analysis, financial reporting, risk assessment & monitoring.

Successful Health & Safety team members have a keen eye for risk and a desire to keep employees safe and engaged. You’ll love this work if you: 
  • Enjoy assessing situations under pressure and making fast decisions independently
  • Like staying up to date with health and safety protocols and legislation
  • Enjoy training staff on best practices
  • Are organized, enjoy multi-tasking and triaging competing priorities
Qualities you bring: 
  • Discretion
  • Strong analytical, coordination and project management skills 
  • Multi-tasker, ability to prioritize, meet deadlines, and stay productive under pressure
  • Solid judgment and decision-making skills
  • Team player
  • Excellent communicator
Possible areas of focus include:  Internal health & safety, candidate health & safety, COVID health & safety, internal training, communications, site inspections.

Successful Human Resources team members are passionate about people, driven to create an awesome culture and employee experience. You’ll love this work if you: 
  • Love people
  • Get energy from helping others succeed
  • Like developing engaging opportunities for learning
  • Enjoy coaching others through challenges and watching them develop and grow in their careers
Qualities you bring: 
  • Excellent people skills
  • Empathetic and caring approach
  • Good instincts and judgment
  • Energy and enthusiasm for creating engaging, team-building activities
Possible areas of focus include:  Internal hiring, learning & development, employee culture & engagement, diversity and inclusion, mental health.

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