Your Questions Answered: Updates on Bill C-45

What products can I buy?

As of October 17th, 2018, dried cannabis, seeds and oils will be available to purchase legally.

What about edibles?

The government has decided that edibles (brownies, cookies, candies, etc.) will remain illegal because the government wants more time to identify the “unique risks” surrounding quality control, dosage and packaging. The plan is to legalize them within a year.

What about vaping?

Concentrated forms of cannabis, mainly used in vaping products, will remain illegal as Health Canada needs more time and evidence on the risks of use.

Can I travel with cannabis in Canada?

People who have a medical marijuana license are allowed to travel within Canada with up to 150 grams of prescribed marijuana. Traveling with recreational cannabis within Canada was made legal on October 17th, 2018 for up to 30 grams.

What about travel outside of Canada?

Flying outside of Canada with prescribed or recreational marijuana will remain illegal. This is the case even if you are travelling to places that have legalized or decriminalized cannabis. There are now signs in Canadian airports stating that “Crossing international borders with cannabis is illegal”.

What about all of the talk surrounding the U.S. border?

There has been speculation around people linked to the cannabis industry being denied entrance into the U.S. This included people who work in the legal cannabis industry, and even those who may have invested in cannabis stocks. The U.S. government has cleared this up and stated that Canadians who work in the cannabis industry are allowed to enter the U.S. for non-work purposes without worry of repercussions at the border.

Where can I smoke recreational cannabis?

Ontario – Residents will be able to smoke recreational cannabis wherever they can smoke tobacco. Restrictions include motorized vehicle, within 20m of schools or playgrounds and hospitals.
Alberta – Residents can consume cannabis in private residences and in some public spaces. Restrictions include in motorized vehicles, hospitals, schools, playgrounds or sporting fields and parks.
British Columbia – The consumption of cannabis will be allowed in private residences and public spaces, other than in areas frequented by children (parks, playground, etc.) in order to minimize youth exposure. Cannabis will also be banned from motorized vehicles.
Québec – Residents will be able to smoke recreational cannabis wherever they can smoke tobacco. They cannot smoke cannabis at hospitals, schools and universities, bike paths or bus shelters.

What about driving with cannabis?

Ontario and Alberta – Package must be sealed and not readily available to anyone in the vehicle.
British Columbia – Package must be sealed and out of reach to anyone in the vehicle. You can drive with four non-flowering cannabis plants.
Québec – No clarification on regulation as of now.

What can I do as an employer?

Ensure your workplace has comprehensive policies on cannabis use. This will set clear expectations for employees and outline the consequences of breaching these policies.

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