Newcomer Offered Permanent Position within Two Months of Altis.Excel Internship Program!

Sudeshna (pronounced Su-day-shna) joined our Newcomer Program in November 2020.  Having arrived in Canada in July 2020, Sudeshna was becoming discouraged in her job search.

With 7 years experience in human resources within the IT and financial industries, Sudeshna excelled in full-cycle talent acquisition. Sudeshna joined our Altis Newcomer Program in November 2020, and gave it her all.

She built her network and enhanced her knowledge of employment standards, human rights, and the legal elements of recruitment in Canada. She invested time reviewing the intricacies of recruitment sources such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, ZipRecruiter, and our in-depth HR system. She also covered other areas of business including sales, marketing, and graphic design.

Sudeshna’s experience and positivity lead her to getting back to basics in her job search with a new resume and new confidence. She was offered a permanent position that started in January 2021 with a software consulting firm in a Technical Recruiter role.

When we asked her what she felt helped her succeed, she said:  “I have always sent a thank you email after each round of interviews, as I was taught during my internship and I believe that has helped me. Also, my learning of Canadian Labour Laws and ESA supported me immensely during the interview process.”

We are so excited to follow Sudeshna on her journey and we will continue to support her throughout her career. Congratulations, Sudeshna!

To learn more about our Newcomer Program, click here 

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