Fueling Canadian Entrepreneurs

Thank you for the well wishes on our company’s 32n’d anniversary on March 1st.

We received 64 nominations for small start-ups across the country to receive one of three $3,200 gifts for their business and mentoring with our CEO & Co-Founder Kathryn Tremblay and our team.

A group of leaders came together this week to assess all the businesses and the $3,200 recipients are:

Get A-Head, Toronto, ON, an online mental health platform, geta-head.com

Eggcitables, Halifax, NS, a gluten-free, vegan egg substitute, eggcitables.com

Shyne, Ottawa, ON, a sustainable eyewear company, shyneeyewear.ca

Learn more about the founders and businesses below.

We were so impressed with these companies that we offered each of them $1,000 and coaching too:

Bodyworks Activewear, Toronto, ON, activewear for all body types, bodyworksactivewear.com

Canadalawa, Newmarket, ON, African delicacy catering, canadalawa.ca

Nücure Naturals, Vancouver, BC, organic essential oils, wearewell.com


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