Create Your Own Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

BREAKING NEWS: The Easter Bunny has been deemed an essential service….phew!

Now it’s time to get creative with ways to celebrate. This year, why not plan a virtual Easter egg hunt? It’s a fun and simple way to stay connected with family. Here are four tips to help you plan…

1 – Invite family and friends.

Reach out to your friends and family. Find a day and time that works for everyone interested. For each household participating, you’ll need one “organizer” who will be responsible for hiding the eggs.

Then decide what platform you’ll use. Here are our recommendations: Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts or House Party.

2 – Decorate your eggs.

It’s time to get decorating! Grab some eggs and food dye. If you don’t have food dye, here are some excellent at home substitutions:  beets (red), turmeric (yellow), spinach (green), blueberries (blue). Read more on how to make your own food dyes.

3 – Pick a theme.

This doesn’t need to be just any average egg hunt. Get creative with a theme! Here are two recommendations:

The Clue-Based Easter Egg Hunt

Before the egg hunt, send a list of clues that point to the eggs’ hiding spots. After you read each clue, give everyone 10 minutes to hunt for the eggs, then gather back to see who was successful.

The Photo Gallery Egg Hunt

Ask the egg hunt organizers to take pictures as they’re hiding the eggs. The egg should be visible in the image, but hidden in plain sight (think in a tree, in your garden, on a window ledge, etc.) Text the pictures out one by one. In order to move on, participants have to take a picture of each egg they successfully find before receiving their next picture.

4 – Create a shared album.

Let’s face it, this Easter is one for the books… unlike anything we could have expected. So why not document it by creating a shared photo album with everyone who participated. You can do so privately or share it online – whatever you’re comfortable with.


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