COVID-19 Survey: A Pulse on the Current Workforce

Curious about the context of what a return to on-site work may feel like, we asked 36,242 professionals in Canada to share their current experiences and emotions about the future.

We received 1,535 responses between April 25th to May 3rd, 2020. For certain questions, our interest was focused on those who worked predominantly on-site 4 or more days per week pre-COVID.

The results are most relevant to leaders in Ontario given that 88% of respondents reside in Ontario, or more specifically, the National Capital Region and Greater Toronto Area.

Our objective was to gain a quick glimpse into our respondents’ experience working from home, and more importantly, how they feel about a return to on-site work. By sharing these results, we hope to inspire employers to have meaningful conversations about the future of work.

What Canadians are saying

We’ve broken up our analysis into 5 categories – click below to explore these categories in more depth.

Returning to work 

Working from home 


Cost savings

Work from home attire

For the full results of our survey, view the PDF below. 

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