An employer’s guide to return-to-work

COVID-19 Return to Work

As businesses across Canada start to re-open (or at least consider the notion of re-opening), employees are looking to their leaders with many questions: What do the easing of restrictions mean for me? When will we be back in the office? What will the office look like? Will I be safe? The list goes on…

At this time, leaders don’t have all the answers. And frankly, the answers that would be true today may change tomorrow.

Our CEO, Kathryn Tremblay’s video below introduces her thoughts on return-to-work planning.  Together, we developed resources to help you get started on your plan:

  1. A Workbook filled with questions to support your planning on this important subject.
  2. If you’re interested, please email for a more formal return-to-work framework as an example from which to create your company’s policies and program.
  3. We’re happy to share with you the questions and results of our employee survey regarding return-to-work as well. Please email to receive a copy.

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